Hello. My name is Vasco.
I'm a graphic designer living and working in Berlin.

My personal work tilts more to the abstract , but I very much like big client oriented projects. I'm great in a team, and visual communication is my game. For collaborations, portfolio and other inquiries feel free to reach out.

itsmadeiramorgado@gmail.com @madeiramorgado

I was born in a small fishing town in Portugal. I’ve studied in Lisbon for 5 years and worked there in a small studio for half a year. I’ve been working in a big company in Berlin for the past 3 years.

I have an MA in Communications Design and New Media. My dissertation was on Pop Music and Audiovisuology.

I love my cat, but he doesn't live with me anymore. His name is Gato. Gato is portuguese for cat. He lives in Portugal, in my hometown.

Today my favourite movie is Barry Lyndon, but tomorrow it might be The Hours. Right now my favourite book is Gravity's Rainbow and tomorrow it will probably still be Gravity's Rainbow.